Nuclear receptor platform

Exploiting Orphan Nuclear Receptor as New Druggable Targets

Tes Pharma has a long-standing expertise in the successful exploitation of orphan nuclear receptors as druggable targets. Given that modulators of nuclear receptors are a proved approach to therapies for diseases occurring in the pathophysiology of a wide range of biological processes, including cell proliferation, metabolism, immunity, and development, the deorphanisation of the remaing orphan nuclear receptors is of key importance for the discovery of novel effective medicines.

Tes Pharma has thus developed specialised nuclear receptor screening capabilities that include: an in-house panel of cross-species nuclear receptor assays for primary screening, backed up with an array of phenotypic and functional assays for a complete characterisation of ligand-mediated nuclear receptor modulation. This platform gives TES Pharma an ability to exploit a target class approach to the deorphanisation of nuclear receptors with novel selective chemical probes.

Tes Pharma AlphaScreen Nuclear Receptor Assay Panel