TES Pharma employs a full range of cutting edge technologies for target validation, computational chemistry, compound screening, medicinal chemistry, and in vitro pharmacology to validate and to pursue a range of novel targets in metabolic diseases and oncology.

Molecular biology platforms provide efficient tools to study targets and associated disease or compound phenotypes, coupled with a protein production facility for the purification of wild-type and mutant proteins for structural and functional studies.
Primary screens of wild-type and species specific mutants are performed with a range of fluorescence and/or chemiluminescence readouts to obtain maximum information regarding ligand-target effects.
Secondary assays are used to functionally profile compounds in a range of disease relevant cellular backgrounds. These include: phenotypic assays, transcriptional regulation, signal transduction in both recombinant and wild type cells, differential gene expression, cytotoxicity assays, DNA-protein interactions, gut hormone release, anti-inflammation properties, insulin release, adipocyte differentiation and cell proliferation assays.
Label-free screening technologies are extensively used to provide detailed physiologically relevant information across biochemical and cellular assays, for full characterisation of compounds throughout the hit-to-lead and lead optimization process.

Our discovery platform embraces many different target classes, including GPCRs, enzymes, and protein-protein interactions, with a particular focus devoted to nuclear receptors.

TES Nuclear Receptor Assay Platform
TES Nuclear Receptor Assay Panel

TES Pharma has a panel of human, rodent, and nematode nuclear receptor assays based on AlphaScreen technology which provides the ability to screen compounds across multiple nuclear receptor subtypes. This panel provides a comprehensive system to progressing novel ligands and understanding the science of nuclear receptor modulation.
The nuclear receptor panel is coupled with phenotypic and functional assays to provide complete phenotypic characterization of ligand-mediated nuclear receptor modulation and to give TES Pharma a broad capability to tackle diseases mediated by transcriptional dysregulation.

Medicinal chemistry capabilities include a state of the art scale-up facility providing quality material in multigram scale for complete characterization of advanced compounds.