Academic Collaborations

Bridging the academic – industrial environments together in a synergistic manner to allow fuller exploitation of scientific discoveries and their conversion to effective therapeutics.

At TES Pharma, we’re focused transforming knowledge into medicines that make a difference, working with passion and dedication with our collaboration partners. Collaborations are the cornerstone of our success bringing together exciting creative scientists from around the world.

University of Perugia, Italy
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
The collaboration covers expertise in medicinal chemistry, analytical chemistry, molecular modelling, and computational studies.
University of Perugia, Italy
Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
Collaboration with Prof. Brunangelo Falini on novel approaches to AML.
Mount Sinai School of Medicine,
New York
Collaboration with Prof. Stuart A. Aaronson to promote discovery and progression of novel tankyrase inhibitors.
University of Ancona, Italy
Department of Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Sciences
Collaboration with Prof. Nadia Raffaelli building expertise in enzymology and enzyme kinetics.
University of Bologna, Italy
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
IIT, Italy
Computational Chemistry and Structural Biophysics
Joint collaboration with Profs. Marinella Roberti and Andrea Cavalli pursuing protein-protein based approaches in oncology.


European FPVII Projects

Marie Curie IAPP project
Collaboration with University of Utrecht and Enterome Bioscience on selective FXR modulators for IBD.